Dry Eye Treatment

At Lifetime Vision, we understand that living with dry eye syndrome is both uncomfortable and inconvenient. The discomfort can last just a few minutes, but in chronic cases, patients have to live with it all day, every day. Our doctors offer personalized and innovative dry eye treatment options to help restore your visual health and comfort.

Dry eye treatment from Lifetime Vision Source in Jamestown, ND

Common Symptoms

Some common symptoms of dry eye syndrome include eye irritation, itchy eyes, watery eyes, or blurry vision.

Do you think you may have dry eyes? Here’s a quick questionnaire to check your symptoms.

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Do you suffer from scratchy, irritated eyes? Do your eyes seem to water excessively? If you answered yes to either of these you may be suffering from dry eye. At LV we pride ourselves in staying relevant with new technology and new practices to treat our patients.

We are one of the few locations in the state that offer Lipiview and Lipiflow treatments. These treatments are specifically designed to help those in need of dry eye relief. With this new technology, our doctors can identify and treat your dry eye symptoms right in the heart of Jamestown. To find out more about Lipiview and Lipiflow click here

Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

Treatment for dry eye syndrome
With there being a couple of different root causes of your dry eye syndrome, we will first have to identify what is causing your symptoms. We will then create a treatment plan to increase your natural tear production and prevent the problem from recurring. Treatment options include:

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  • Artificial tears
  • Medicated eye drops
  • Inserting artificial collagen plugs
  • And lifestyle adjustments
  • Artificial tears
  • Medicated eye drops
  • Inserting artificial collagen plugs
  • And lifestyle adjustments
Think you suffer from dry eye syndrome?
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